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FAQs for design instructors

  • How will I get paid for my tutorials?

We pay for each tutorial once it is sent and evaluated by us. The price may vary depending on the length, difficulty... of the tutorial and this price is set by the art director.


  • How long should my tutorials be?

The length of the tutorial is up to you, because you’re the one that knows the time required for each step. There’s no limit!

But just so you know, the regular length of our video tutorials is from 2 to 30 minutes, and you can always split the video into two parts. But we also make longer tutorials which we call “Courses” that can last around 90 minutes and are divided into lessons.

For written tutorials the average is around 20 steps, but as we said before, there are no limits.


  • What are our tutorials about? Do I choose my own themes?

Our platform tutorials are about all things related to digital art: design, illustration, animation…
Usually, you turn in a list of proposals for tutorials or courses, and the Art Director chooses the ones he/she is most interested in.


  • Do I have to send in anything else?

If this is your first time working with us, you have to get registered on and complete your profile by adding a photo and a description on your bio, with links to your social network account.

The project will not be considered complete until of the material has been handed in. In general, with all the projects you have to send in high quality editable files (1280x960px minimum), sketches and artwork, developed throughout the course/tutorial. In the case of an animation or 3D projection, high quality renders separated in layers. We need these files given in correctly to be able to promote your course/tutorial on our social network accounts.


  • What format should I send my tutorials?

Text tutorials

We have a new system for our teachers in which you can upload your text based tutorials straight onto our web page. However, you will be asked to send in all of the files to the arts director.

- A .doc or .pdf file of the tutorial, step by step, that has all of the images, as you wish to have them published on the webpage, in said document.

- A folder with all of the captures, with names in order (for example, 01, 02, 03…). All images must have a width of 830 pixels. If one of the steps uses more than one image, put them together in one image with a white background.

Courses and video-tutorials:

The tutorial must be in an .mp4 file, formatted in H.264 and with a 1920x1080 size. In the case that one of the courses, each of the videos must have the same format.


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