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How to navigate through the website?

When visiting, please click on the "Sign up" option on the top right hand side. You will then need to enter the information required and an account will be created. Now you have become a free user and granted yourself access to our tuts (short text or video tutorials). You can browse through the tuts by clicking on Tuts on the header and using the filters to narrow your search down.




Each tut thumbnail shows its level of difficulty and the editing programs used:



If you wish to access our exclusive courses you can acquire a Premium subscription. We offer users a monthly ($9.99 USD) or annual ($89.99 USD) subscription.

Once you click on Courses you will also find some filter options. The duration of the course, its difficulty, the editing programs used and the number of users following that course are some of the aspects you can see on each course's information page before joining. Here is an example of one of our courses:




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